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The Preparedness Awareness Community Academy (TPACA) represents a network of free and premium cohort communities, courses, quizzes, and challenges centered around the preparedness lifestyle. Our existence is to create a paradigm shift in the collective mindset of humanity by redefining 'preparedness' as a way of life, rather than something driven by fear or circumstance.

Within our social learning platform, we unite like-minded individuals—referred to as 'Preparers,' 'Carepreparers,' or 'Likeminders'—through these diverse offerings, fostering collaboration among the prudent who appreciate and prioritize preparedness for themselves and their families. At TPACA, we strive to empower our members with unparalleled solutions, giving them the knowledge and confidence to thrive amidst both known and unexpected emergency disasters and life's adversities.

Our official launch date is September 1, 2025.

"The prudent, who loves the truth, recognizes approaching evil and possesses the discernment to seek a culture of preparedness to protect themselves and their family. However, the simple, who take pleasure in distractions, foolishness, and their own ignorance, receive God's strong delusion due to their lust for lies. Lacking preparedness, awareness, and common sense, they fail to foresee pending tragedy and face the ultimate penalty."

- Frederick Reddie, founder of TPACA

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